Dods and Woodalls in The Shard

Dods and Woodalls in The Shard

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Since the 19th century, one company has been the trusted source for parliamentary reporting. Their Who’s Who book for example is a must have for anyone that has reason to engage or monitor the workings of British Governance.

And the world is changing. 


The area around parliament is undergoing fundamental redevelopment and Dods have taken the courageous decision to ‘up sticks’ as the Evening Standard reported and are moving to The Shard.
This is a radical move, but one of shrewd calculation. From The Shard, Westminster is a short and fast tube ride away. In fact Queen Elizabeth II Tower is visible from what will be their new conferencing suite.
Dods are making a conscious choice to move out of the 19th and 20th centuries and transforming their workplace to be a leading 21st century publishing house.

It was only natural then for Dods to partner with Woodalls for this important and critical mission and move from west to east. Woodalls is also a 19th century company that is growing out of the past and re-imagining the future. Experience and innovation come together in a perfect blend to bring Dods and other clients an enjoyable workplace. 


What Dods and Woodalls are doing in The Shard is nothing less than transformational; not only for Dods but also for how we view the workplace as a culture.
This will be a place of exciting and cutting edge working habits where the very notion of a workplace has been turned on its head.

With Dods and The Shard two icons have merged to create and foster an epic shift in how we think about our work. From designing bespoke desks in partnership with Senator, to finding the best value in design and planning Woodalls have brought the two together in a stunning coup for excellence.


We know our history, which is why we’re best placed to make it.



More details will follow and you won’t want to miss it. Join our seminar series to be part of our futurist sessions. It’s quite often that we point to things that have troubled many of our clients and quite possibly for you as well. Then we imagine together what the future holds in how we can move past those issues. We hold our futurist sessions in The Shard and it’s a great afternoon for everyone and many of our past and future clients leave seeing solutions for themselves and their businesses that they hadn’t considered before.

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