Health and Well-being

Health and Well-being
Lunchtime expert series success


The vital subject of Health and Well Being caught the attention of delegates at the latest in Woodalls lunchtime expert series. After a delectable lunch the assembled mix of industry experts gathered in Woodalls design suite at College Hill London to hear from the firms Creative Director Kristoff DuBose.

Everyone has Health and Well Being on their mind and during the seminar Kristoff shared with delegates how design influences this mandatory subject.


Kristoff described Well Being as social and explained how collaboration and circulation space has increased dramatically with firms realizing that these areas are not an overhead but an asset. With many people now working in good coffee shops and anywhere they can get wifi the work place has suddenly become much broader than the desk. The new realization of how and where people do their best work has allowed for enhanced cross fertilization of ideas, better social engagement and reinforcement of brand. The old way of minimizing the canteen is dead, new thinking has double and tripled the size of canteen areas with really good coffee and an enhanced emphasis on nutrition.

The tea area is now recognised as a legitimate workspace with an attributed value.

Lighting is another key area of Health and Well Being. Kristoff spoke about the difference great lighting makes and the important things to remember – not blasting people with constant bright light, creating subdued mood calming areas of light, encouraging people to see different aspects of natural light and to vary the light they experience through each day.
Flexible seating in the shared space breaks down silos. In the professional services sector senior partners are reluctant to create flexible open new space and focus too much on chargeable time only happens at the desk. Sometimes the most value is created away from the desk. This not only delivers value to the P&L but also brand engagement and reinforces the values of culture.
The British Council of Offices recently got people to use wearable’s to track their movements. Not long ago it was viewed as a negative if people had to walk more than 5 steps to get a drink of water, whereas now people are encouraged to get up and have a short break, walk around and not only benefit from the exercise and break, but also from the emotional benefit of different aspects and cross fertilization of ideas.
Use of colour is another key part of Health and Well Being. Kristoff outlined how Woodalls is using colour as a way to create feelings and emotions is a space as well as reinforce the brand and provide light. Green is becoming a more prevalent colour along with the stable hues of Violet and Blue to create their own emotional impact.
The Woodalls Sen5e captures the intricate detail of Health and Well Being by asking the right questions at the start of the process – these questions are not always what a clients things they want but they will be what you need.
Jerry Woodcock Partner at Woodalls said ‘for years people haven’t paid enough attention to the Health and Well Being of their staff. The Woodalls Sen5e process effectively allows us to cover this important area early in the process‘.

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