Seminar – All Change Please

Seminar – All Change Please

We were excited to welcome another excellent crowd to the latest seminar in our popular series – All Change Please – Hosted by Woodalls at The Shard on the 29th of June.

Deciding how much space to look for when you move can be one of the most difficult decisions. How can you tell how much space you will need and how you will be working in the future?

This is where office design steps in. Truly great office design solves problems, creates opportunities and makes life better for its users. ‘All Change Please’ focused on how an increasing interest in reducing overheads along with the changing expectations of the workforce is challenging space standards and changing the role of design. Great design will benefit your business today and help you achieve even bigger things in the future.

To do this businesses need to create a ‘new normal’, and Woodalls’ vision is to help businesses unlock the power in their spaces to allow their teams to become smarter, be more adaptable and more productive. To remain at the top of their game businesses need to work better today, challenge the status quo and redefine what’s possible tomorrow.

Thank you for those who joined us on the 29th of June for this exciting and informal seminar. This was much more than your standard event; we got to hear how companies are using the latest space standards in work scenarios and see real-life examples of businesses successfully using design to implement change and transform their businesses.

Thank you to all those who joined.

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