Fast Track Office Fitouts Seminar – The keys and the killers.

Fast Track Office Fitouts Seminar – The keys and the killers.

2nd November 2017 Lunchtime Seminar 

“This office fitout is so important that you must take whatever time is needed to plan it in detail” said no one ever. But sometimes it’s even worse than that. What about those times you have no time at all?

Sometimes you have no option but to do it super quickly. Those times that time just isn’t on your side. Those times that unfortunately, for whatever reason, you just have to have this one sorted by the end of the year and you’ve only just found out. And of course failure just can’t even be considered. 

You feel good for a few moments as you realise the trust that is being put on you then the pressure comes crushing down.

Any office fitout project is a big juggling act between trying to cover off any risks and also achieve a result that will look as good and work as well as it could. Add time pressure into that equation as well and you really are in for a challenge.

The good news is that it is possible to do a brilliant fitout very quickly but when time just isn’t on your side you need a strong robust strategy.

Thanks to those who came along for this interesting session as we looked at how to manage a fast track projects and the pitfalls you must to avoid in order to achieve brilliant results.

Remember the one about the duck looking all calm but having to kick like crazy under the water?

Well you can look great and not lose any sleep.

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