Noise. How much is your acoustic issue costing you?

Noise. How much is your acoustic issue costing you?

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The majority of UK office workers now work in an open plan environment, and with this rising trend comes some unique challenges. Open plan offices are often praised for their ability to promote collaboration and communication, reduce required space, and cut down on costs in terms of fit outs and other fees, but for exactly the same reasons they offer staff very little privacy during their working day and as such can be a major source of distractions.


With no way to cut your own workstation off from the noise of both other members of staff and the various pieces of office technology and personal devices that litter the office environment, concentration can be a struggle. A recent analysis conducted by office furniture manufacturer Steelcase has highlighted the severity of this issue, reporting that the average office worker is distracted every three minutes. To make matters worse, it can take them up to twenty-three minutes to return to a task when distracted.

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Research published last year by Oxford Economics also put emphasis on the issue, finding that more than half of office workers blame poor acoustic design for a reduction in productivity and happiness. On the other hand, another study of 13,000 people carried out by John Olson of BOSTI Associates found that those working in isolation, for example at home, are up to 56% more productive due to the lack of noise and distractions.


Do this make you worried about how much productivity you are losing because of noise? Speak to Woodalls acoustic team to find out how we have been integrating simple and effective acoustic strategies into our designs.

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