Three offices that are cooler than yours.

Three offices that are cooler than yours.

Some people are happy to have mediocre offices. “Really?” we hear you ask. Not you. You want the coolest offices out there.

You want people to swoon when they walk in. You want your visitors to talk about coming for years. You want photos of it posted on every article about cool offices ever.

So here we have pulled out a couple of spaces that you may have seen with the reasons why we think they are some of the coolest spaces out there.




Books for a reception desk? Check. Secret entrance to meeting room through the phone box? Check. Step out of the lift into a dark tunnel? Check. Let me in.




Full on trees? Check. Hammock? Check. One of the nicest social spaces around. A corridor that lets you experience the whole of London. Every type of workspace you could want. We want to work here.


Gravity Global


Graffiti? Check. Exposed ceilings? Check. Exposed raised floors? Check. Plus brilliant views across the coolest part of London and look at some of the spaces!

We love them.


The great thing about these spaces is that not only do they look great but they also work brilliantly. They foster innovation, they nurture communication. Most importantly they create culture, engagement and productivity.

They make it easier to hire the best people. They engage people with your brand. They make your clients want more.

Plus it’s fun.

Designing these spaces with people is brilliant fun, it’s a journey that delves into the depths of a company’s personality and engages all the creative madness you want. Nothing is too way out there. Nothing’s too crazy. Everything is possible.

Go on, let us make your office amazing.

Always cool,

Woodalls Design


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