Biophili.. what?!?

Biophili.. what?!?

Most of us still spend a large chunk of our lives in an office.

For some this is actually quite nice. Every day they walk into a workspace full of natural light, with high ceilings, lots plants, different textures, emotive colours and stimulating artwork. These space engage them and stimulate their creativity allowing them to produce some of the best work of their lives.

Unfortunately not all offices are like this with many of us still spending precious hours in mediocre spaces with no distinguishing features. Spaces that suck on our energy and drain the enthusiasm from our bodies.

With only 11% of us workers in Europe actively engaged and 27% of us actively disengaged* this is a big problem for businesses.

You can see the design our offices is so important. From the big decisions right down to the small obscure details, they all matter hugely in the fight for spaces that engage, stimulate and inspire brilliant work.

You’ve probably been hearing the word biophilic banded about as the answer to all our problems.
But what is it and what does it mean?

On the 13th of September Woodalls along with Nigel Oseland of Workplace Unlimited will be exploring why it’s become such a powerful tool for designers in the quest for office spaces that work better.   

Join us to find out how:

13th September 2018


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