Three offices that are cooler than yours.

Some people are happy to have mediocre offices. “Really?” we hear you ask. Not you. You want the coolest offices out there. You want people to swoon when they walk in. You want your visitors to talk about coming for years. You want photos of it posted on every article about cool offices ever. So […]

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Winning at Workplace Food and Beverages 

8th February 2018 @12pm—2pm | Register below Have you ever wondered how to provide premium hot and cold catering at your workplace without a kitchen? Or how to create a coffee shop experience inside your own office? Have you ever wanted a more functional, beautiful workspace, free of kettles, where every piece of space is working for you? […]

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Designing for Wellness Seminar

7th December 2017 @12pm—2pm | Register below   Why is wellbeing important in the design of offices? Our buildings and office spaces play a hugely important role in the lives of the people who use them. Our habits, health and productivity are all affected by the spaces we occupy. So how can we get better at […]

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