Aldwych at Sunrise

Aldwych at Sunrise
Woodalls live and breathe places, it is part of the DNA. Everyone is influenced by places – how do you feel when you walk into your favourite place? The Woodalls team want to share with you some of their favourite places.


1. What makes this place so special to you?
That great and soft silence that overpowers you, the muffled sounds of a city that’s waking itself from a deep slumber, the touching daybreak colours that only a city like London (on a good day) can give you. And then the superb gothic and slightly sinister beauty of the Royal Courts of Justice and its surroundings along with the Temple Bar Memorial, a boundless atmosphere that can whisk you back to another long forgotten era.
It just lasts few minutes, but that’s the greatness, like a secret reward from the city for starting your day here. All too soon it becomes a busy, noisy London city street..
2. When did you first visit or decide this is a special place?
A couple of years ago on the way to a stupidly early networking breakfast that I hated! But it has given me one of my favorite places in London.
3. How would you describe this place to a close friend?
You have earn it for yourself. Try to wake up before 5am and go there. It’s purely emotional. There are no better stories than what your own eyes can see and ears can hear and feelings… can feel.

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