Huntress London Project Open Plan

Huntress London Project - Kitchen

Huntress London Project Breakout Area

Huntress London Project Entrance

Huntress – a personal independent space in Aldwych House

The client needed a space that embraced their new approach to recruitment.

In today’s flexible working environment people can meet and work in many different types of spaces and the popularity of the coffee shop has boomed.
Huntress wanted their new Head Office in Aldwych House to have their own coffee ‘shop’ space, a space that encouraged flexible working and allowed clients and staff to interact in a more informal and easy setting.

The design is a highly conceptual, brand-aware and
 functional space that not only creates an area for people to do their best work but also allows collaboration in a fun central breakout area with pockets of private space. The focus is on understanding the dynamic of how people interact during the hiring process and facilitating better connections.

The project has a huge emphasis on brand integration and all of the work areas are carefully crafted to represent the core values of Huntress. Woodalls carefully selected a colour palette that gave the space a personal, independent and non corporate feel.
The central breakout space has intimate zones with excellent acoustic ratings that cater for all situations. The nooks of space cater for 2-3 people and mean small or large groups can enjoy the flexible space. Woodalls created a personal space for Huntress to do what they do best.







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