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It is the role of IMS Health to improve the performance of other companies, but in this instance, the senior management team wanted to improve the performance of its own team. They asked us to deliver a workplace assessment that would increase productivity while reducing real estate costs - and to do this without reducing headcount.

Our first step was to analyse how IMS Health worked as one unit and study the relationships between departments. This included interviews, staff surveys, walking surveys and space utilisation studies.
Using the results, we created an alternative workplace model that allowed the company to reduce its property footprint from 84,000 sq ft to just 54,000 sq ft – a reduction of 40% – and substantially save on future annual overheads. We also achieved an immediate increase in efficiency through improved office layouts and workflows.

…an alternative workplace model that reduced floorspace by 40%

In response to such significant savings, the new model was rolled out across the company’s property portfolio, to improve the efficiency and transform the working environment in all its locations.

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