S3 | King William St

S3 | King William St

S3 London Project Breakout Area

S3 London Project

S3 London Project

S3 London Project Open Plan

Multi brand work space

S3 required their existing offices to be refurbished whilst having 100% uptime and meeting key dates throughout the process.

A refurbishment of S3 King William space was required to update the space and represent the business properly. The business encompasses 3 very different highly competitive brands and the space hadn’t changed for a long time. A restricted budget was made very possible by a complete openness and understanding that also helped make huge savings.
The S3 brands are highly energised and the team proudly say ‘clients are king’

A seemingly impossible tight timeframe and work tactics made this both a creative challenge and an operational mountain.

Three very different spaces ranging from highly creative to very corporate in an open plan space with clever breakout areas. Each of the brands is manifested in their own special way and a recording studio themed quiet space has the required effect.
The project was delivered very successfully with huge cost savings, all key milestones achieved and S3 didn’t loose an hour’s work.








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