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An Ambient UK Office HQ with Natural Features to Sooth and Inspire

A world-renowned pharmaceutical research company, Silence Therapeutics was keen for its new UK headquarters not only to reflect its success in biotechnology but to provide for its exceptional team of staff an inspiring, creative and tranquil working environment.

Important to consider in the planning and execution of this transformation was the lab testing work that is carried out by Silence Therapeutics and the emotional affect this can have on its employees. Bearing this in mind, our task was to design a beautiful and natural-feeling space that would highlight the positive aspects of the company’s research while helping to facilitate important downtime for employees with the inclusion of comfortable breakout areas.

Incorporating a tranquil colour scheme, we created a workspace that was grounded in nature, with soothing botanical features to promote positivity and inspire fresh thinking.

Geometric shapes and soft helical patterns were used to connect the design to the genetic research that is so vital to Silence Therapeutics’ work, and adaptable design solutions were implemented to allow for potential growth and changes to the layout.
Taking inspiration from the colours, patterns and ambiance of the natural world, we were pleased to deliver a soothing and thoughtful space with plenty of fun and adaptable features to support a diligent and highly commendable workforce.


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