Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks

Volvo – Meeting space & reception area

Volvo – Open plan

Volvo – Training room

Volvo – Breakout space

Integrating teams

Volvo Trucks is the second largest manufacturer of heavy goods vehicles and transport solutions in the world. A subletting tenant moved out creating extra space for the client. In response, the company decided to bring in a newly merged team from an entirely separate location.

Our task was to design and fit-out an appropriate workspace for the new employees and make sure that integration and cohesion with the existing teams would follow organically.
We approached the dedicated new space as a classic planning project, assessing the team’s specific work environment needs. To promote togetherness and a quick amalgamation into the main office, we made big changes to the office communal areas, instead creating a central meeting hub with multiple ancillary shared spaces which would bring the whole organisation together naturally.


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