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Zuhlke Open Space

A bold colour scheme to inspire innovation

Having completed two previous workspace transformations for this award-winning software development company, we were delighted to undertake a third project for Zühlke when the company moved into its new London office.

With some of the work already underway when we arrived, our task was to embellish the existing design and utilise our problem solving capabilities to overcome any setbacks that had arisen.

Working closely with two company directors, we set out to create a lively working environment to inspire and motivate a forward-thinking workforce, at the same time as highlighting Zühlke’s success as a leading company within its sector.

One of the main challenges we faced with this transformation was the time we were allocated to complete the project. Working within a six-week time frame, we were proud to bring our eye-catching design to life in time for the Christmas 2015 deadline, making full use of our in-house team’s expertise to help us finish quickly without compromising on quality or creativity.
Endeavouring to showcase as much of the building’s original Victorian brickwork as possible, we delivered a contemporary workspace with a confident colour scheme and sleek finish, in keeping with Zühlke’s bold and impactful company branding.






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