Woodalls deliver services that fit perfectly with the business needs and objectives of our clients, enhancing workspace performance at every stage.


Whilst these are all important they are only the beginning for Woodalls, and by limiting yourself to these three parameters will undoubtedly end up an unsatisfactory new work space. Woodalls start at the beginning and get the hard questions answered first. Your new building needs a proper building appraisal – this will identify any hidden physical constraints. The deliverable is an in depth report covering all areas such as electrical, mechanical, structural, thermal and environmental. This information helps you finally decide if this is the right location for you.


The fundmentals of Architecture have been around for centuries. Woodalls adhere to these fundamentals and have more experience than most at using them to the advantage of their clients.

Woodalls pride themselves on long term relationships – these are built on years of experience and attention to detail at pre and post project stages. Flexibility and agility are requirements many clients require to get the most out of their budget and timeframe.

Woodalls clients get looked after.

Space Planning

Woodalls ensure that every project is properly planned to adapt to future growth and changes by using tried and trusted office space methodologies with the latest analysis techniques. Woodalls understand your culture, we become one of you, gaining significant insights into where you need space and where you don’t – which is how one client saved over £10m in rent.

Interior Design

The interior design part of the process makes your neighbours jealous, it gives you that feeling when you know this place has been well though through. Watch peoples faces when they first walk in.

All of Woodalls Interior Design work is based upon sound planning and strategy, having asked the right questions right at the beginning allows the Woodalls team of creative’s bring your project to life.

This is not about fashion it is about properly planned, well though out working environments where people do their best work.

Project Management

Woodalls project managers have successfully overseen the fit out of more than 3.5 million sq foot of space in the last couple of years. Safety and communication are the Woodalls key principles of project management.

You are guaranteed a single point of contact from initial stage right through to hand over – this is further enhanced by a family member being the accountable person.

Woodalls like clients to be involved in every stage this means regular contact will ensure there are no surprises.

Bespoke Joinery and Reception Desks

A key feature in most office projects is the reception desk and bespoke joinery pieces. These have a huge impact on the overall feel of a space adding intrigue and excitement.

Our own factory gives us the capability to design, manufacture and install bespoke joinery pieces of the highest quality. We believe that the quality of materials used is so important and this drives us to only use the highest grade available.

Recent installations have been all over Europe from Scotland to Rome. Please do not hesitate to contact us for examples.



Without proper office acoustics, workers suffer. A lot of offices today are characterised by open plan spaces as people create spaces workers can easily interact, collaborate and communicate. As these spaces are developed more thought needs to go into how these new work spaces are affected by sound. Studies routinely show that noisy open plan workspaces can reduce productivity by up to 66%. Our acoustic experts take an active role in each of our projects ensuring that sound management is integrated into each stage of our design process.

Office Furniture

Correct office furniture enhances working practices, offers new flexibility and creates a visual impression.

With over 160 years of experience Woodalls can identify the appropriate types of furniture that will foster a healthy culture and allow everyone to do their best work.

Woodalls has strong long term relationships with the leading furniture suppliers and bespoke craftsmen to enable the right furniture arrangement for you.


Effective branding is vital for success and Woodalls see this important area as a necessary part of your project. You brand says a lot about you, it is your personality and how the business portrays itself – essentially what is said about you when you leave the room.

We care about brand and whether you need a new brand, an enhanced brand or utilising your existing brand Woodalls can help. As experts in creating workspaces where you and your team can do your best work Woodalls know the first thing your customers see is your brand.

When companies relocate or refurbish it is the perfect opportunity to consider branding and how you communicate best to your team and your clients.

Design lasts

We don’t follow fashion nor do we adhere to it. Woodalls Design Lasts – that’s what sets us apart. Design is one of those dangerously intangible things, hard to quantify, but when you walk into a room you know it – that feeling – effecting all of your senses. As part of our advisory service we advise on how to optimise light and ventilation along with minimising energy costs – doing our part for the planet.

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