Building Appraisal

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Most clients choose their new office with three factors in mind: price, square footage and location.

They’re all essential considerations, but far from the only ones, and by focusing on those first we see clients heavily limiting their business’s potential. Some buildings are more challenging than others, more restrictive even with the right sized footprint, but the physical constraints of the building you choose aren’t necessarily immediately obvious.


To ensure your office layout, design options and future growth aren’t needlessly restricted, we recommend a building appraisal. Our building appraisals involve a detailed study and analysis of all aspects of the space, so we can fully appreciate and evaluate its merits and disadvantages against your needs.


You’ll receive an in-depth report covering electrical, mechanical, limiting factors of occupation, column intrusion, and thermal and environmental performance. It helps you to understand fully how well the building is suited to your business model and business strategy from a technical perspective. Plus it helps in negotiations with the landlord.

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